Mount Olive's Staff

"Our purpose as a Christian congregation here at Mount Olive is to share the good news of Jesus Christ and to become a closer, more caring church family and to reach out to those who are un-churched."

Rev. James Zang

Pastor James Zang
Jason Kobrin, Council President

Jason Kobrin

Council President

Linda Shutt


Husband Wayne, family Lisa & JD Seiler and Kelli & Russ Ames.
Grandchildren Bryan, Anna, Kay, Zach, Mason and Micah.

As a servant for God, my first responsibility is to assist Pastor Zang to spread the good news thru preaching and teaching the Gospel to our Mount Olive family and surrounding family.  I continue to be aware of our members and their concerns. I will be there advocate as needed.
I am a voting member of the Church Council, attending monthly meetings.  Assist in worship thru reading God’s Word and assist Pastor in distribution of communion.  When necessary, visit the shut-ins and give them communion as well with elements consecrated by Pastor.
I am responsible for setting up monthly schedule for Elders serving and readers.
My terms of serving as an Elder have expanded over several years and I am forever grateful for this opportunity to serve and strengthen my faith in the process.

Linda Shutt Elder

Valerie Hamluk 

Board of Christian Fellowship

Our fellowship committee strives to provide activities and events that offer our members and visitors time to gather and share faith.  We coordinate receptions for confirmation, baptisms and other special occasions.  We look forward to the opportunity to resume our monthly potlucks following worship once health guidelines allow. 

Outside Sign with sunset, locport, new york


Every Sunday at 9:45am


Every Sunday at 9:45am