If your marriage has had some struggles during the Coronavirus, you are not alone! The virus has put a great deal of stress on a lot of marriages, and others just need some time away to just be a couple; so now is the perfect time to sign up to attend a Lutheran Marriage Encounter Weekend designed to renew and revitalize your marital relationship no matter whether you have been married a year or 60+ years.

The registration fee has been waived for this year, so you pay only the amount specified on the website for 2 nights in your group-rate hotel room and 5 meals for each of you. Also, scholarship funds are available for anyone in need. Simply e-mail or call us at the information below before you register.


Which Weekend will work for you:


October 1-3, 2021 -- Heritage Hotel Lancaster in Lancaster, PA--Famous for its Robin Hood-inspired restaurant, Loxleys


October 15-17, 2021 -- Hyatt Place, Pittsburgh/Cranberry--spacious modern decor guestrooms with couches--an hour north of Pittsburgh


Should complications arise, your payment is refundable up to a month before the Weekend. Weekends begin at 8 PM on Friday night and end at approximately 3 PM on Sunday. REGISTRATIONS WILL BE LIMITED, so sign up NOW while there are still openings. Simply go to:, find your chosen Weekend, fill out the form, and pay the amount specified with a credit card, or print the form and mail with a check. Don't miss this opportunity to create a more intimate and joyful marital relationship! For questions, please contact Northeast US Directors of Lutheran Marriage Encounter, Fred & Julie Schamber, or call: 724-325-3166.